About Valorem

Valorem is the Latin origin of the word valour, which means great courage in the face of danger.

We know that great courage can often come at a cost – on all facets of wellness, but especially on one’s psychological well-being. Coping with life’s challenges can also have a significant impact on overall functioning, including sleep, mood, relationships, family life, and physical health. We understand that it takes tremendous courage to bounce back from adverse life events, and also to reach out for help.

The word value also comes from the Latin word Valorem. Values we hold as individuals and as a group are at the foundation of our beliefs, professional or workplace cultures, and our perception of the world around us. When our values are not aligned with how we are leading our lives, it can cause significant psychological distress. Since values can have a significant impact on our wellbeing, they play an important role in therapy.

Our organizational values at Valorem are compassion, trust, authenticity, and growth. Each of these is a fundamental component of the therapeutic relationship.

Organizational Values


A fundamental human need and an integral part of therapy is feeling seen and understood. However, self-compassion – showing kindness towards ourselves – can also play a key role in our psychological well-being.


We prioritize building trust with our clients. An important part of therapy can be helping clients establish and repair trust violations in their interpersonal relationships.


We strongly value being genuine in our interactions with our clients, knowing and embracing individuals as they are, and also supporting them in understanding and accepting their authentic self.


We recognize the importance of personal development. We strive to foster and facilitate positive growth, particularly following challenging or adverse life situations.

It would be our privilege to support you during this period in your life. We firmly believe that the client-therapist relationship plays an invaluable role in helping individuals create positive change, foster personal growth, and overcome mental health issues.