Who We Are

The Valorem team have been working together in public service settings for many years. Nina and Alyna first met when working together in a provincial correctional facility. Andreea later did a residency rotation at the same facility under Alyna’s supervision. She then transferred to the forensic service and completed her residency under Nina’s supervision. We are excited to combine our various backgrounds and training and our shared experiences to welcome you to Valorem Psychology.

Our Team working together

Dr. Nina Fusco

Dr. Nina Fusco is a Clinical and Forensic/Correctional Psychologist. She works with adults and offers services in English and French. Nina’s clinical training and experience have focused on the assessment and evidence-based treatment of psychological difficulties and major mental disorders. She has a particular interest in working with individuals who are trying to better understand their emotions, working through difficulties in interpersonal relationships, processing traumatic life experiences, and making sense of life’s challenges. She has extensive experience working with and training police, first responders, and public safety personnel, and working with individuals involved in every facet of the criminal justice system. She also has expertise in forensic assessment and treatment, including the assessment of risk for criminal recidivism.

Alyna Reesor

Alyna Reesor is a Counselling and Forensic/Correctional Psychologist. She works with adults, couples, and families and offers services in English. Alyna has spent the majority of her career working within various public safety and defence communities. She is dedicated to supporting individuals within these safety-sensitive, high-security, and high-risk occupational settings. Alyna has also worked extensively with individuals and their families through various presenting issues, including: substantial trauma; mood and anxiety disturbances; occupational stress injuries; stage of life issues; suicide risk and ideation; separation, divorce and rebuilding; loss and grief; childhood abuse; and family of origin issues.


Dr. Andreea Tamaian

Dr. Andreea Tamaian is a Clinical and Forensic/Correctional Psychologist. She works with adults and offers services in English and Romanian. She has worked in both private practice settings and with underserved populations in a number of community clinics, hospitals, and correctional settings. Andreea has extensive experience providing treatment for various mental health disorders (e.g., mood, anxiety, trauma-related), interpersonal difficulties, emotion regulation difficulties, existential and identity issues. She has a special interest and expertise in forensic assessments, including assessing risk for criminal recidivism and malingering of mental health symptoms.